From the need to have design power points, but safe and easy to use, Versahit was born.

Ideal for installation in kitchen tops, it adapts to different environments such as bedrooms or offices.

The simple installation from above and its water resistance (IP54 certification), make Versahit the perfect product for anyone looking for a product from small footprint (which can also be positioned above ovens or dishwashers) which guarantees cleanliness and safety.

The perpendicular (and 180 ° adjustable) outlet of the power cable has been specially designed to facilitate installation and optimize space, allowing the complete integration of the module within the top.

Access to the power sockets (or to the two USB charging stations) is independent and protected by covers which, when opened, are fully integrated into the design of the module. When closed, the module guarantees attention to aesthetics which makes it suitable for any situation of use.

 97,60 146,40 (VAT included)

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